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Feder Catch Up – it’s been a while

Hello again!! I know it’s been like, for-ages since I’ve been on this lovely little window into our lives. All I can say is that since I was wrote about how I was feeling, it’s been a ridiculous journey leading up to me actually sitting here and writing something down. I was finally able to identify why I was feeling the way I was feeling, Continue reading “Feder Catch Up – it’s been a while”

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My “Silly Season” is over!

December is kind of here and I can already feel the buzz in the air as schools start to close, parents start to schedule their last few play dates and shops just become just a little bit more unbearable than usual. Yip, and our city becomes this little honey pot that all of the other South African bees rush to. The roads become silly and everything in general becomes silly. Bank accounts get siphoned for all things Christmas and school stuff for next year. Continue reading “My “Silly Season” is over!”

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Mom Shaming – Working Mom vs Homeschool Mom. STOP IT!!

Ok, so as I’ve mentioned or titled my blog – I’m a homeschooling mommy. Now, I’m absolutely proud of what I do and as much as I freelance on the side (which isn’t often) what I do requires constant supervision, observation, correction and emotional energy. The reason why I’m opening this post with this, is because yesterday I was caught off guard by a statement a working mom said to me. Continue reading “Mom Shaming – Working Mom vs Homeschool Mom. STOP IT!!”