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What I’ve learned from Potty Training

Yoh! It’s already Thursday! Where did the week go? I can honestly say that I was completely not motivated to write anything, mainly because I was throwing my full focus into potty training my son. Now, we tried a few months ago and that literally went down the toilet. (excuse the pun) I tried the various methods that I used with my two girls, and nothing seemed to stick.  Continue reading “What I’ve learned from Potty Training”

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Jude in June 2017


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I think I really like my kids. Every one knows that we naturally love our kids, but liking them doesn’t always comes easy. At the moment, I really do like them. Today I want to highlight my little gentleman in training. He is absolutely the cutest thing. Many that know him will agree with me. He has a way of asking for something (even though you’ve said no, like 60 times) that just melts your heart and makes you just want to say, “ok”. Continue reading “Jude in June 2017”

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Friday Feder Files – how’s the family doing?

Friday morning has made me all reflective and I think it would be appropriate to have a little update on where my little tribe are at. Let’s start with Tim. As you might have read, about two weeks ago, he went in for a hernia surgery repair thing. To date, it’s been interesting. Continue reading “Friday Feder Files – how’s the family doing?”

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Potty training my Son……so different to my Girls

Happy Tuesday everyone! Firstly before I write this, let me just say that I am so tired. It’s that weird kind of tired when you’ve had an awesome weekend and didn’t sleep too well and yet the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction feels like I could charge forward full steam ahead. Isn’t that a strange combination.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. As you may know, we have a 2 year old Son Continue reading “Potty training my Son……so different to my Girls”

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Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina about homeschool

Ok, so I’m typing this ahead of time because I honestly have no idea what these two are going to video for you. It was so awesome to get a few questions in response to our ‘flavoured’ video of homeschoolers having friends. So I thought in response I would write it out and then give the brief version on video. Upfront, please understand that we are not a well oiled machine and that what I am about to describe to you is a “perfect” day in our ever changing little lives. 

Continue reading “Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina about homeschool”

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One more sleep: How Jude misses his Dad

You know, I wrote about what it’s like to have my hubby leave and have to kick into gear of being strong and manage the home like a machine. As much as that doesn’t get old, it’s amazing how the feeling I have the day before he comes home – also never gets old. I can liken it to running a race, be it 400m to 20km (depending on how long the trip away is). That finish line is just 100m away and yet my legs feel like lead. What is also another amazing thing is learning how my children miss him in their own ways.  Continue reading “One more sleep: How Jude misses his Dad”