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The Day Before He Left

Tim gets back tomorrow – woohoo!!! Let’s just say that every part of me is super happy to have his ‘person’ back with us. Continue reading “The Day Before He Left”

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Being a Tourist in our own Town

This past weekend had us do something we haven’t done as a family in a long time. Having a baby/toddler kinda puts brakes on a lot of activities. But we’re at an age now where we can go out more and not have to worry about the baby changing facilities and trying to clean up a baby out of the boot of your car.

So since we had some friends over from far away, we decided to “mini road trip” and hit the sites. First up, let’s just say that Cape Town weather was on our side and we had to out sunglasses on and enjoy the sunshine. We hit Signal Hill and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. Continue reading “Being a Tourist in our own Town”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 10&11, Saying Good-bye

Ok, I know it’s taken forever to write this post, but getting back into routine has taken the consistency right out of me. Here’s to Monday’s and getting it right again. (It’s like having a mini ‘New Years resolution’ every week)

I honestly feel that this is always the worst part of a holiday/trip. Especially if we have really enjoyed ourselves a lot. (obviously if the trip sucks, then- Yay! let’s get home) We were hosted by the best couple and have shared many special stories Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 10&11, Saying Good-bye”

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Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 8&9 The Nostalgia continues

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve actually posted anything – it’s been a crazy few days and trying to gather my thoughts and put them down hasn’t exactly been easy. But here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

The Friday and Saturday of our trip wasn’t as eventful as the previous days have been, but what I thought would be fun to do, is share with you some of the reasons I love my home country so much and then touch on a few aspects of the days as we go along. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 8&9 The Nostalgia continues”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 7, My High School & The Lion Park

Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a long one. I would suggest grabbing your favorite drink and settle in for a good read. A lot happened during this day and I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy it as much as we did.

So to start off, it’s the last day of school in Zimbabwe, the girls and I decided that it’s “side pony tail” day.

Today, since it was my last opportunity to roam around solo – I had set my sights on walking around the High School to get a “feel” of what its currently like there. But I was sorely disappointed to find out that the high school finished the day before and so I missed out on the “vibe”. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 7, My High School & The Lion Park”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 6, More childhood memories

Its amazing how time just flies by. It’s already Day 6 and we’re over the half way mark. I should just remind us why we’re actually in Zimbabwe. We didn’t just decide to come over for a big memory lane walk, it’s way too expensive to just do that. My Hubby was asked to be one of the speakers at a Pastor’s conference, which was being hosted at the School where we stayed. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 6, More childhood memories”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 5 – The Girls first day at the school

To start off today, let me just say to you parents that wake up early and get your troops ready for the day, in order to get to school on time – I have a greater respect for what you do. I had my first stint of it today and I almost failed, and we didn’t even have to drive through traffic – we walked from a house on the school property! How you all get it right everyday, I can not even begin to imagine. 

Anyway, enough about that – let’s get into some good old junior school memories shall we.  Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 5 – The Girls first day at the school”