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Behind the Scenes – what you don’t always read about before an event

Sherbit! It’s been a long time since I’ve actually been able to sit down and write anything. You will not believe how intense the last few days/week has been. I feel like I could literally exhale all of my troubles, memories and victories right here for you to read. There’s probably going to be like three posts coming out of me today. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes – what you don’t always read about before an event”

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Behind the Ministry Family – What people don’t see

If you’re the kind of person that goes to any kind of church, I’m sure you’ve observed “the guys at the front” or the ones that are on the stage at some point or another. I remember I used to think that those families just looked like they had it all together. Their children were always so courteous and stayed solemnly in place without complaint and the wives were always seemed to be perfectly patient and caring. Continue reading “Behind the Ministry Family – What people don’t see”

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How do you cope after a crazy weekend?

All I can say is that I’m really glad that I’m a homeschool mommy. I say this because after the last two weeks we’ve had, it’s really wonderful to have the option to take the day off. I honestly don’t know how working mommies do it – ya’ll are super human for real. Now listen, when I say take the day off – I mean really, how do you take the day off with three children hanging around in your space, right? so, before I say Continue reading “How do you cope after a crazy weekend?”

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Going on Holiday with an Entrepreneur

You know that we went away last week and as much as I’d love to tell you that we had all the time in the world to lie in each others arms and watch our children play pleasantly together – this is not reality as a normal parent, never mind having a husband that is working for himself. Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of this post – let’s be clear Continue reading “Going on Holiday with an Entrepreneur”

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We’ve been on holiday 2017

It’s been the strangest feeling being away on holiday. I didn’t have any data (on purpose) and there wasn’t any wifi. So after having such a great few weeks of blogging my heart away, I withdrew completely to prove I could detox from the unction to write and share our every day. 

Well it has been harder than I thought it would be, but I did it and now I’m back and here’s a few tidbits from our trip away.  Continue reading “We’ve been on holiday 2017”

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The mosquito stole my sleep

Ok, I’ve never been hungover before but I’m sure it must feel something like this morning. I love summer and all its pleasantries but one thing I can not deal with, is the mosquitoes! Man alive! We sleep with a fan on throughout the night to keep the little pests off us at night but we can’t leave the fan on our kids for too long because it can have the opposite effect and they get head colds and nonsense. Continue reading “The mosquito stole my sleep”