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My Afro Hair update….

In our little banner up there – our disclaimer has the “fro’s” part in it. It has been a looooooong time since I mentioned anything about our hair. Guys, this hair thing is hard work and it’s not a joke.I’m trying to understand 4 heads of hair here – while trying to make sure that we don’t break the tiny little bank we have. So with that said – I decided that I would focus in on my hair first before I move back to the kids hair. I did a little blurb on finding liquid gold for my girls hair – but that was ages ago and to be honest – because of Aislyn’s swimming, we haven’t been using it that much. I should actually go back there – because it is so cheap to make.Anyway, back to me.I actually don’t remember if I’ve mentioned that I cut my hair completely or not. I think I did this in November last year. I really wanted to embrace my natural hair and with that I’m also trying to gather as many natural products to put onto it, as I can.But in doing so – I have slowly come to realize that the really good, organic stuff that the shops offer are kind of expensive and I’m really wanting to be smart about our budget and taking care of our lovely manes of curls.So with that all said – I decided to start with me first and go from there. Since mine is the curliest and most “intense” to deal with – I figured if I get my regime right, then I can teach my girls how to do there’s. So far Aislyn is doing quite well with hers – but without specific product yet. I just make sure I gently wash theirs, oil it and plait it to make the nutrients stay in their hair.So, I’ve been reading and watching as much as I can and learning from so many people across the globe about my type of hair. I’m slowly getting the hang of it and so that’s why I thought I could show you what I’ve recently done with it.Ok, so there’s this whole hair grading thing, right – and my hair is in between 4b and 4c depending on the day.I’ve left me hair to do it’s own natural thing and not tampered too much with it up until recently. So the first thing I decided to try was to oil my hair.I learned that for my hair, this is best done wet – so that the oil holds the moisture in and around my hair and therefore feeds it and protects it rather than suffocating and dehydrating the strands.Now before you go jumping around thinking I put cooking oil in my hair – please take a breath and know that I found myself some decent coconut oil. I went and sectioned my hair, lathered it with oil and then twisted it and pinned it down in bantu knots. I smelled like a tennis biscuit (a south african biscuit) – all coconutty.This worked so well and I really enjoyed not having to fluff my fro everyday. (whether it’s good or not to leave my hair like that for days……. Is another lesson I can learn another time)So I did this and then when I took it out – I had this magical and soft bouncing afro. It wasn’t as tight as it normally is. Plus, my hair felt really silky and smooth.Ok, so that the first one I tried.I gave my hair a break while I searched more about what product would be best for my hair and “shea butter” kept on popping up. So I really wanted to get some but I didn’t want to just spend money anywhere – I decided to actually go to a friend who sources, makes and sells organic products in this kind of zone. So I got me some shea butter and it has really worked wonderfully. So now, everytime I do a “protective” hairstyle to feed my hair, I’m really feeling and enjoying the benefits of feeding my hair with a natural product. It stays in it’s style for a little longer than it used to and also, when I take it out I have these amazing spirals and curls that are softer and well fed than they normally were.Like I’ve said, there’s so much more that I need to do and learn about taking care of my hair and I’m loving it. But, the road is long and I’m now trying a few of the things on my daughters’ hair – they’re both blessed with amazing curly manes and by putting natural products on their hair that feeds and protects their hair has also made it a lot easier to not only do, but also style.I must admit though, that I made one HUGE mistake in terms of keeping my curls really “springy” and that is that I went and gave in to the urge to straighten my hair and see how long it really was. I tried to so it in the best way I could without putting too much heat on it, but as much as it was fun to have straight hair for a week – some parts of my hair absolutely forgot how to curl!!I didn’t know that was a thing and that heat damage was as simple as doing it once to my lovely virgin mane.So, I will definitely NOT be doing that again any time soon – as much as I’d like to have as many options as possible.This is the hair journey so far – If you have any amazing tips for me or links to video’s or blogs that talk more about this type of thing – please share them with me. If you haven’t noticed by now – I love to learn and this is something I want to learn as much as I can about to not only benefit my, but my girls as well.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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