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Afro’s back – Cut it all off

So, I did it. I cut my long, treated, long black mane off. As some might say, “I feel so much lighter”, “I can feel the wind through my hair” uuuuuuummmmm, with a fro – aint no wind getting through this natural sponge. Hahahahahaha

If any of you “afro hair sisters” have ever made the journey to grow your hair as long as you can get it and then go to the hair dresser and tell them, “chop it all off” – then you’ll know the kind of look I got.

Hairdressers are funny about hair that way. When they can see a healthy head of hair, as long as mine was, is being requested to be cut off – there’s a ream of questions…..
Why I want to do it?
Am I sure?
That short?
What made you want to do this?
Are you sure?
What did your husband say? (they know me quite well)
Did you tell your mom? (They know her too)
Why do you want to do it again?

I politely look them straight in the eyes and say, “I want to be ‘me’ again, and straight just isn’t ‘me’”. Hands raised and stepping a few steps back, they realize I’m serious and not messing around or changing my mind.

I sit at the basin, have my head massaged and enjoy the last few minutes of my long hair being cleaned. But what’s funny is that even when it’s wet you can feel the difference between the old “treated” hair and the new treatment. My strands are thick and curly at the root and are literally soaking up all of the water. While the older hair is just kind of hanging on for the ride.

After having a good cleaning (all the while thinking, how are hair dressers able to save water when they have to wash so many heads of hair a day? Hmmmmmm water restriction tactics are forever in my head. #CapeTownlife)

I move over to the cutting station. I still have a giggle at all the hairdressers faces. The sweetheart that is combing my hair through politely asks, “can I have your hair to make a piece for myself to wear?” Of course I said yes, it might as well go to someone that’s going to use it.

I smile and wave at my long pony tail. My hair is tied up and scissors get applied. The ponytail is no longer attached and I’m ecstatic! There’s no turning back now.

We fluff it out and my hairdresser starts to make sure that the “fro” is even all the way around. As well as removing any straight pieces that just look awkward.

Voila! It’s done.

What’s hilarious is that they all were impressed at how good it looked afterwards. lol!
I absolutely love it and I couldn’t wait to get into my flaxseed gel that I’d made.
I wanted to see if it would make my hair look as cool as my kid’s hair did when I put it on theirs.

I love that when people see me with my afro again, (or for the first time) they immediately “get it”. Those that have see me with it before, have all said, “Shaveh’s back. We forgot how good it looked on you”. Those that haven’t seen it before, “It totally matches your personality and vibe”. I’m like…….. “exactly!” (I kinda wish I had a mic to drop, because it was one of those moments)

What’s amazing, and something that I’m going to completely enjoy over the coming months, is that my little family has 5 different hair types and we all require different ways of retaining moisture.

Here’s to the wonderful world of rocking natural hair and being able to manage it.

I love the “me” with an afro because it’s completely who I am and reflects my personality.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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