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Writing for my first Magazine

I know it’s like Tuesday already, but life is crazy and to actually sit down and write down my thoughts is becoming one of those “Bat Cave” kind of things to do. This potty training thing is still all consuming because, as much as he “has the idea”, we still have to keep tabs on how he’s doing through the day and try and make sure he’s focused. Anyway, so here I sit – literally in the dark solitude of my “Bat Cave” and want to share that I have officially become a contributor to a magazine! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.44.05 AM

I know right? Honestly guys, I have never been this girl. I have always thought that my writing was sub standard and that I would be an editors nightmare. But I took a leap and wrote about something that I really see as a part of our lifestyle and it felt awesome.

The magazine is new – it’s The Christian lifestyle mag and it’s their debut edition. When I was approached by their editor, I was honestly so shocked to know that I was wanted for my written word. Then she explained what it was for and I was all in. I am totally for organisations that aren’t in it for the money (obviously they have to cover costs to publish – I wrote this pro-bono) and are all about empowering people to make better life choices with as much information as possible. The information, in this case, coming from ordinary people doing amazing things in all spheres of life.

Now, a lot of the stories that you’ll read in here are absolutely mind blowing and will challenge your challenges. I love stuff like that. It shifts the focus off what I’m going through to actually look, into somebody else’s life that is making a difference and walking their Christian walk, even though it’s hard.


I mentioned to a friend that this magazine isn’t a browse through quickly and set it down  kind of mag. It’s the kind that you take in bit by bit. Learning from all of the experiences and also enjoying that, even though you’ve had a good read, you get the bonus of sharing an experience with someone with a positive spin on it. This is wonderful because our lives today are all too consumed with negatives and fear. This brings light on the subject of life and makes for an even more enjoyable read. It’s such a meaty read so have the publication only come out once a quarter, really helps us slow readers. (yes, I’m a slow reader)

Have a look through it and let me know your thoughts. I’ve been given some cart blanche on what I’d like to write about, so suggestions would be awesome to get from you. What more do you want to see in publications like this.

I love to learn and it’s awesome to learn from people like you.



I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

9 thoughts on “Writing for my first Magazine

  1. Firstly congratulations on being asked to write for this magazine! Well done on your first article, I am sure your tips will help many to continue in their worship.

    A small world that I would read an article on a person who grew up in the same community as me, Cindy Schroeder. She lived in the same street as my gran.

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