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Friday Feedback for the week

So how did it go? I hear you ask. I know I had a fat rant at the beginning of the week about the girls and what to do with their discipline and stuff. Well, I sat them down on Monday night and just plainly explained that I was completely done with making reward charts, motivating with sweets, stars and money. That it was time for them to buck up and pull their weight with certain things that I, as a parent, can expect them to do, without motivation.

Needless to say it went really well. They came up with a few suggestions like corporal punishment if they didn’t do something – and I said, “nope, that’s still on me to follow up and make sure they do it”. They needed to come up with something that they can self motivate and just simply get on with.

So after a few giggles and some really silly suggestions, they decided that they would have lists to tick off on their own – that were to be completed when they wake up, when they’re just about to leave the house and bed time.

I then added that they can also do 2 proper chores during the day as well. So, they made the list and I wrote it out neatly for them with boxes to tick with a wet erase marker and acetate to wipe down the X’s. It’s Friday and it’s gone well and I haven’t had to yell or lose my mind – all I’ve had to say is, “have you done everything on your list?” and walk out. It’s wonderful! My 9 year old has learned how to sweep my kitchen, People! She didn’t do it perfectly, but WOW! We have crossed over. It’s only twice a week and I can see she has a sense of achievement when she’s done and that, is more precious than any sweet, star or rand in her pocket.

So, the play date with the different personality.
What an awesome morning we had. Ok, but first let me tell you that the project was made easier for my daughter because we were having another friend join us for the afternoon, but when said friend heard where we were going for the morning – the friend asked to join us at the play date. I gladly welcomed the company – but then realized that it would only make the project easier for my kid. But, hey! No harm no foul, right? Needless to say – they all had an amazing time and played their hearts out. So much so that their youngest (normally shy and withdrawn – won’t play with anyone type – and my youngest, really got along so well and played perfectly as well) We have made more family friends and will be doing more play dates in the future.

It’s been a good week – not void of it’s fair share of disappointments, fatigue and emotional exhaustion but I can look back and say, Thumbs up peeps, thumbs up. Now to dive into the weekend head first, trying to keep my sanity in tact. Breathe in and sigh 😀

Happy Friday, amigos.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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