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Potty training my Son……so different to my Girls

Happy Tuesday everyone! Firstly before I write this, let me just say that I am so tired. It’s that weird kind of tired when you’ve had an awesome weekend and didn’t sleep too well and yet the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction feels like I could charge forward full steam ahead. Isn’t that a strange combination.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. As you may know, we have a 2 year old Son named Jude and he’s such a delight. Cutest thing ever I tell you. And that “mom whipped” thing, is for real folks. I thought I could muscle it away, but he gets away with things that the girls would never be able to. But, I have been conscious of it and have started approaching each situation with him and ask the question – “would the girls be allowed to do this?” (This is for character issues, but rough and tumble – I let him be).

So, with all of my kids I deliberately kept them away from sweets until the age of two. (yes, torture right? for me more that the child, because it’s so easy to bribe a kid with sweets) Anyway, I did this because with the girls, I would wait until their second birthday and then start potty training. The little jelly babies, jelly beans or wine gums were like liquid gold (excuse the pun) they would pee, and then they’d get their little treat. My girls caught on so quickly and within a week they were sorted and on a sugar high well deserving of a nappy free day. (I eventually weaned them off of the treats, when they got it and they only got them for a number 2:)) Then it’s three weeks later and the sweets are forgotten and I have a potty trained 2 years old.

I didn’t get this from a book, I just thought it would be the best strategy for the process. So, Jude comes along and I try the same strategy, right? Two girls later, I’m sure that should work the same way. Well, folks – like many other things I’ve come to realise over the last two years – My boy is completely different to my girls! Day 1 – I put him on the loo, the pee doesn’t even arrive immediately like the girls. It has to still make it’s way out, so it’s a 30-40 second wait. Hmmm, have you ever tried to keep a little boy STILL for more than 20 seconds without a game, book or device. So needless to say – FAIL on day 1.

Day 2, he eventually does pee in the toilet (which was when I realised that we had to establish a position on the toilet, because boys wee isn’t as neat as girls wee – so I make him face the toilet to eliminate mess) And we celebrate and hand him his little jelly baby. I fist pump the air and smile thinking, this is it! He’s going to get it! but 30 minutes later the brother pees on the floor and is STILL sucking his jelly baby. (I sigh, and hang my head in failure) I realise this is not going to work! I’m going to have to google a different strategy for this. So, nappies back on and off to google I went.

Ugh, there are so many ways to do this thing and every single option I looked at required my full attention or days that needed to be blocked out of my calendar to stay home and train the boy. I honestly tried and then as I was packing my troop up to go to gymnastics, youth, birthday parties and life in general – I realised none of those strategies were going to work for our little guy. So I was really feeling defeated because MY strategy hadn’t worked and neither had the suggestions online. I decided that I’d do the whole – wait until he was ready thang.

So there I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Now, understand I do the cloth nappy thing during the day and disposable at night – so I was getting tired of the washing and cleaning and lugging around of a nappy bag for my little boy. sigh….

Anyway, in my waiting, I decided to ask one of my friends who has a kid the same age as Jude about how they do this at creche? I mean, those teachers have at least 10 kids they’re watching and also potty training. There had to be a trick. So, she said that all they were told to do as parents was make sure the kids had 3-4 extra sets of clothing in their bag and they’d do the rest. I was like – EUREKA!!! That’s it! I’ll just prepare for the mess and just take the boy routinely to the toilet.

But to be honest, I wasn’t ready yet – so I continued to wait. And then, guys, it happened. The sky opened and it was literally like a sign to do it. During one of Jude’s day time naps, he woke up in the middle of it (out of the blue) and demands to go to the toilet. I mean, really? so I thought, yeah right, you’re just wanting to get out of the nap (picture me looking at him through questionable eye rolls and squints) And as sure as bob, the dude pees in the toilet. This happened TWICE that week.

That was it, the sign, the kick up the pants I needed. So, undies on and off we went. sets of clothes ready, mops lined up, dettol spray and clothes attached to nappy bag and potty in the car. I was armed and ready to get this boy doing what he needs to do. So, since last week tuesday, we have had all of 3 accidents and the routine taking him to the toilet has worked like a charm. I’m waiting for the penny to drop when he is going to tell me he needs the loo – but all I can say is that I am as proud as punch that I can officially say – I, Shaveh Feder, am potty training a little boy. WOOHOO!!!!

How did you train your kids? did you just wait? did you let the creche do it? did you do the three day camp in and let them pee around the house until they clicked? did you do the salty chips/biltong and juice drive? I’d absolutely love to hear how other parents did it – even if you tell me how you were trained by your mom/dad – go find out – maybe we’ll learn something new. Tell me about it in the comments below.

Like I said, Happy Tuesday peeps!




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