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How do you cope after a crazy weekend?

All I can say is that I’m really glad that I’m a homeschool mommy. I say this because after the last two weeks we’ve had, it’s really wonderful to have the option to take the day off. I honestly don’t know how working mommies do it – ya’ll are super human for real. Now listen, when I say take the day off – I mean really, how do you take the day off with three children hanging around in your space, right? so, before I say how I take a day off, let me give you the basic run down of the craziness that has been our lives for the last 2 weeks.

Ok, so as you know we went away on holiday, so I don’t have to elaborate on that part. But then we got back and hit the ground running. The girls went into full prep mode for their gymnastics club competition – so we had to make sure we got to ever practice during the week. That being said, there was swimming to get to, meetings and to top it off my 2 year old happened to get a middle ear infection and so antibiotics were added to the schedule. Both of our girls are fighting head colds and are snotty and gunked up. I honestly think I over scheduled our lives, but there are those weeks when you just have to see those that you haven’t in a very long time and do what needs to be done because if you don’t then it’ll NEVER get done.

So basically Friday started out with a quick play date, doctors appointment, going to see grandparents, another play date, then youth, then a dinner which had my kids in bed only at 10pm. Madness right?! Yes, because then we all had to be up again first thing in the morning to get Aislyn to her gymnastics competition at 7:30. Which went really well – she came second and got to share the podium with 2 of her good friends.


We then go home, pack up to sleep over at the grandparents, go to the grandparents – spend an hour recharging and then jet off for Iraina’s Gymnastics competition. This also went really well. She’s improved so much and is taking her sport so much more seriously. She ranked fourth and I must admit – she “seemed” to be a little miffed that she wasn’t on the podium – but hey, life lessons and she’ll work harder if she wants to get there. I’m just glad her competitive gene has kicked in. I honestly feel, it’s better to pull a wild horse back than to try and push them from behind to try and motivate them. Here’s her floor routine as well.


So, after that we jet off to an adult birthday braai, that we couldn’t stay for because it was my father’s birthday tea as well. We bounced between the two – crazy! I know. Eventually we get to the grandparents and try and cram as much time as we can before crashing like a ton of bricks. Only to get up again on Sunday morning to get to church for hubby to be in band at 7:45. (and, as Murphy would have it – Jude slept in and didn’t wake up until we put him in the car. He NEVER does that unless it’s a Sunday morning and we need to be up and out early. WHY?!!!? for the love of sleep, WHY!???!!!) 

So, church happens, then it’s off for a birthday lunch with the Grandparents at the waterfront  (I didn’t take pics because I honestly forgot because…….) I then pack the girls up and go off to an amazing birthday party at Acrobranch in Constantia. The girls had an absolute ball. Here’s some pics that show how awesome it is there.





We had many moments like this one with Iraina. “Mom, I can’t do this! Please help me. Come up and help me……” It was awesome to watch her overcome her fears and have a gentle nudge to push through. In the end she absolutely loved it.


Aislyn rocked the course like a beast! no need for Mommy at all.


I mean! Is this the same child?



Here’s Aislyn.


Once that was done, we jet back to my folks place and get into bath time, and bedtime which happens in the car on the way home. This then get the kids into bed by 8 and us parents into our little offices and working to get ready for the coming week. (me more than Tim, He was actually working and making music) 

So, after reading the crazy weekend we’ve had – wouldn’t it be the wise thing to just do nothing on the next day? Exactly, so that’s pretty much what I have done today. I’ve gone over some notes with the girls about their school work to make sure they understand a few things. We’ve read some stuff and covered our bases, but right now I am putting my feet up and resting my body so that I can cope again with the week ahead of us. Thank goodness our wifi is working and Netflix is my friend – or else binge reading isn’t quite the same as binge watching. (Can I get an Amen?!)

Like I said, today – I am grateful to be a homeschooling mommy that can take days off after the weekend we’ve had. Have you ever had weekends that are just manic? how do you handle it if you have to go to work the next day? give me your tips so that I can learn more from your ways and improve my management skills. Chat to me below or on twitter.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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