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One more sleep: How Jude misses his Dad

You know, I wrote about what it’s like to have my hubby leave and have to kick into gear of being strong and manage the home like a machine. As much as that doesn’t get old, it’s amazing how the feeling I have the day before he comes home – also never gets old. I can liken it to running a race, be it 400m to 20km (depending on how long the trip away is). That finish line is just 100m away and yet my legs feel like lead. What is also another amazing thing is learning how my children miss him in their own ways. 

I forgot that I had to learn how my girls missed him around the age of 2, which is where Jude is right now. You know, for the first few days he was absolutely oblivious to the fact that Dad wasn’t home – maybe because often our routine can sometimes make us miss each other anyway during the day. But, yesterday (day 4 of Tim being away) Jude goes running into Tim’s work space at home and then runs straight back to me and with his hands in the air like something is lost he asks, “Daddy?”. My heart melted – he finally noticed and was missing his father.

Once again this morning, (I’m at my moms’ for the weekend, so Jude sleeps in our room) Jude stands up in his cot and looks over to Tim’s side of the bed and asks, “Daddy?”. It was in that moment that I realised, this boy needs his Dad and that I now know that we definitely can’t have his trips last longer 8-10 days. When we chatted to Tim over the internet, He hugged that iPad so tight and kissed the screen a lot more than I’d ever seen my girls do. There is definitely a connection that Dad’s have with their sons, that has a different wiring to Dads and their daughters – both equally as strong but so different.

So, as it is the eve of Tim coming home – I’m doing well and so are the girls, but our little man is starting to wane a bit and I’m going to have to keep him distracted today with Tv, Party, trips to the shop and play. This being apart thing isn’t easy, and learning how our kids need us is heartbreaking (especially when so many have lost their parents) but, while the sun shines on our side of the hill I will hold my heart up and enjoy the feeling of hope and fatigue as we wait for Tim to come home. #lifeofaministryfamily

If you have a family member that travels – how do you handle it? Chat to me in the section below, I’d love to learn from you as well. 


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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