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Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 3

I don’t have that much to say about Day 3 because we took the morning really slowly and chilled for most of it. Then the Bulawayo family decided to take us out for lunch to a place called Hillside Dam. Those of you that know about it must know that there’s a little co-op of families that have decided to collaborate and make it into a really nice and safe place for families to hang out. So it’s a beautiful little set up – unfortunately I was so focused on ‘kid watching’ that I forgot about taking pics. #facepalm Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 3”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 2

Ok, since I left you with very little information about actually arriving in Zimbabwe and what it has been like in my last post – I’m going to start “Day 2” nearly at the end of “Day 1”.

All I can say is that there is something about “coming home”. Ok, I’m not actually back in my home town quite yet, but being on home soil is a really special feeling. As our plane descended on Zimbabwe and into the Bulawayo airport, you can literally see the difference in lifestyle to what we had just left an hour before. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 2”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 1 [how to travel with a toddler]

Oh my word! This day was jam packed with so many firsts and I’m still trying to organize my thoughts around how to tell you what happened. Ok!, so we are in Zimbabwe. Yes, if many of you didn’t know – I was born and raised in a lovely little town called Gweru in the heart of beautiful Zimbabwe. I’ll probably end up going on and on about how amazing it is – so I won’t judge if you click onto something less “braggy”. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 1 [how to travel with a toddler]”

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Writing for my first Magazine

I know it’s like Tuesday already, but life is crazy and to actually sit down and write down my thoughts is becoming one of those “Bat Cave” kind of things to do. This potty training thing is still all consuming because, as much as he “has the idea”, we still have to keep tabs on how he’s doing through the day and try and make sure he’s focused. Anyway, so here I sit – literally in the dark solitude of my “Bat Cave” and want to share that I have officially become a contributor to a magazine!  Continue reading “Writing for my first Magazine”

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The “talk” with my kids : Wait, just Wait.

I honestly feel scared for my kids. The reason why, is that they’re growing up in a world where I (as the parent) have to consider self defense classes for my 10 year old girl and boy (when he gets there). In case they get into a sticky situation. As well as make sure that they’re all considerate to other human beings without being taken for a ride and potentially being harmed. Our world is sick, and my job is to raise decent human beings in it.  Continue reading “The “talk” with my kids : Wait, just Wait.”

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What I’ve learned from Potty Training

Yoh! It’s already Thursday! Where did the week go? I can honestly say that I was completely not motivated to write anything, mainly because I was throwing my full focus into potty training my son. Now, we tried a few months ago and that literally went down the toilet. (excuse the pun) I tried the various methods that I used with my two girls, and nothing seemed to stick.  Continue reading “What I’ve learned from Potty Training”

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Our Kids Corner : sing a long car ride video

As most of you already know, I’m home educating my children. With that comes the continued advantage of snatching up momnts to teach my little people in unconventional ways. So, I thought to add to our wonderful array of weekly uncut videos that we so shamelessly post – I would add a section where they could type up their responses to random questions about where they’re at in their little lives. Continue reading “Our Kids Corner : sing a long car ride video”