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Jude and Sports

Having a son has changed my mindset SO MUCH!! I can’t even explain to you in the ways it has changed it. You know, with so much information about social norms, sexual identity and parenting styles that’s out there – I have had to really learn to stop, take the breath and just see who my child is and what God wants from me – for him – in this little bit of time we have as his parents.

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Grade 5 Ballet Exams

Have you ever just looked at your child and kind of known what their strengths are and what they’d naturally be good at? From very small, Iraina has always danced – around the house, in a restaurant, in a car park – anywhere where there’s even a smidgen of space – you would be able to find her twirling or hip hopping to some rhythm in her head. Because of that, we put her into ballet as soon as she was old enough, as a strong basis for a lot of dance skills. Plus, she has a really straight back or posture that not many kids have.

Anyway, she has been doing this for a few years and this past year during lockdown her ballet teacher really was amazing and encouraged the girls to do an exam in that year. (the year being 2020) so I think I have a few pics of when they did that.

This year, she encouraged them to do it again and on a shorter time line – no pressure, right? but because her dance teacher is so encouraging and has an amazing relationship with her students, she knew they could all do it.

So Iraina did her grade 5 Ballet exam in the month of June this year. With all Covid protocols in place, we were allowed (as parents) to come into the classes and view the work that they had accomplished in these last few months. What a joy to witness and record. There are moments in life where pride just wells up in you as a parent – not because they’re the best or because they’re top – but because our child is doing something she loves and is striving to do her best and it shows – I say this considering the fact that she has really been working at getting her feet strong. Yes, she hasn’t been completely on top of doing her exercises but when the time comes for her to do what she needs to do, she steps up and is able to execute the task without complaining or trying to opt out.

We haven’t received any results or anything, but I wanted to keep a small record of this stage in her life and keep the images for safe keeping for her to reflect on in the years to come.

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Playing with Pappar….

You’re probably wondering, what or who the bajongles is a Pappar? Some kind of teddy bear? LOL, nope – this is the name my father gave his grand children to call him. This being because my actual Grandfather has been alive this whole time – so we couldn’t have two Grandpa’s – and when we talk about Tim’s dad, we refer to him as Pa.

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How much Screen Time is too much?

With lock down being the way that it’s been, I bet a lot of you as parents can agree that there has really been a wrestle between when is it time to cut the kids off from their screens and when is it time to just let them loose and freely play online as much as they want – right?

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Disciplining a Teen IS SO DIFFERENT!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my relationship with my oldest daughter, and it’s amazing how many moms reached out and shared their stories with their “older” kids.
One thing I have heard from all of them is that – they will always be your kids, no matter how old they become. Plus, there’s definitely a natural pull to doing things their way and better than you.

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Fun with Friends from Home

As many of you know, I am originally from Zimbabwe and there’s nothing more heartwarming for me than to share my childhood/teen friendships with my children and their children.

So, this post today is really just to show you how we were able to connect and who my friends are. Oh, wait, I have to also give you the reason why they’re down here from Zimababwe.

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I had a dream… I still do

Before I begin this post, I should actually send a little shout out to my friend Luchae from “My Spreadsheet Brain”. The last 3 posts have been completely motivated by her and her love for the written word. She challenged some of us mommies to a few blog posts over the last and coming few weeks – and needless to say – it’s really motivated me and got my writing butt back into gear. If you haven’t seen her work then do yourself a favour – she is easy to read and what she talks about, we’re all thinking about.  (she doesn’t know it, but I’ve been reading her site for about 6 years now)

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My Top 5 Tips on Body Positive Parenting

Hello lovely human beings – let’s grow. As an upfront disclaimer, prepare yourself for some hard talk. Right now we have to not care if we completely loath the way we look, or what we feel like in our own bodies – I’m of the opinion that once we became parents, there’s certain parts of us that aren’t about us anymore. In fact, not just certain parts – a lot of parts, because in order to raise the next generation well – we have to lead by example. (but, if this does trigger you, please look into those feelings and talk to someone. It can only make you grow and become a fuller and more healed human being)

Ok, so like I said – let’s put on our big people underwear but I’m not saying that our insecurities aren’t valid and our history is null and void, and that we have to have it completely together. No darling, dish about that stuff with your adult friends. But what I am saying is that we have to become so much more aware of how we envelope our “stuff” around our little humans.

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A Story from my Childhood

So, as a blogging family – we have been challenged to do a blog post every week. This week we are sharing a childhood memory. When I was thinking about this – there were sooooooo many memories that popped up and then I have to go through that filing cabinet and decide which one would not only be appropriate to share with you but also something worth writing down.

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